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From the legendary StingRay basses to the innovative Majesty guitars, immerse yourself in the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Music Man. Elevate your performance, explore new sonic territories, and ignite your passion for music with instruments designed to inspire greatness. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to get some new gear at the best prices. Shop now and unlock your full musical potential!

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Music Man Stingray 5 35th anniversary
Regular priceAED. 17,099.00AED. 15,389.00
    Music Man Luke 3 HSS
    Regular priceAED. 14,599.00AED. 13,139.00
      Music Man Axis Super Sport
      Regular priceAED. 14,122.00AED. 12,709.00
        Music Man BFR StingRay Special 5 HH Crescendo
        Regular priceAED. 14,349.00AED. 12,914.00
          Music Man Stingray HT
          Regular priceAED. 13,556.19AED. 12,199.00
            Music Man Majesty 7 Ferrari Red
            Regular priceAED. 22,000.00AED. 14,960.00
              Music Man Albert Lee SSS
              Regular priceAED. 9,434.00AED. 8,490.00

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