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Equalizer Pedals

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Define and shape your sounds with an EQ Pedal

When it comes to choosing an EQ pedal, you can't go wrong with some of the best brands in the world of guitar. At Art of Guitar, we offer a top range of EQ pedals from some of the most reputable brands, including Fender, MXR, J Rockett Audio, and Boss.

Fender EQ pedals are renowned for their precision and high-quality tone shaping capabilities. They offer both graphic and parametric EQ options, giving you control over the frequency range of your sound. The Fender EQ pedal is a great choice for guitarists looking to fine-tune their tone and achieve the perfect sound.

MXR is another popular brand that offers a range of EQ pedals for guitarists. The MXR 10-band EQ pedal is a favorite among guitarists for its precision and versatility. It allows you to shape your tone with incredible accuracy, and its compact design makes it easy to add to your pedalboard.

J Rockett Audio is known for producing high-quality, boutique-style pedals, and their EQ pedals are no exception. The J Rockett Audio SOS (Shape Overdrive Stereo) EQ pedal is a powerful tool for guitarists looking to sculpt their tone with precision. It offers a wide range of tone-shaping options and is perfect for use in both live and studio settings.

Finally, Boss is a legendary brand that has been producing some of the best guitar pedals for decades. Their EQ pedals are no exception, with the Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer pedal being a favorite among guitarists. It offers seven bands of EQ control and can be used to shape your tone to perfection.

No matter which brand you choose, a good EQ pedal can be a superstar for your sound. At Art of Guitar, we can help you find the perfect EQ pedal to meet your needs and help you achieve the perfect sound.

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