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Is your instrument in need of expert repair or maintenance? Our skilled technicians are here to help bring your music back to life with our professional repair services. From performing standard inspections like cleaning, polishing, and restringing to more complex services like rebuilds and bespoke customisations - you name it, our repair team can fix it. 

And we love performing unique modifications such as guitar laser engraving or bespoke wiring – helping make instruments one of a kind. 

Our experts are highly trained across all aspects of instrument care and maintenance -  so you can be assured that your beloved instrument is in the best hands. We’ll treat your instrument like it’s one of our own. 

For an advisory chat with our specialist team, Call Us drop in to see us or simply fill out your details below and we will get right back to you. 


Complete Care - Maintenance for ALL String Instruments

Many good things come with strings – guitars, violin, viola, double bass, banjo, bouzouki, and the oud to name a few! Our repair shop caters to all of the above – no matter the style or age of the instrument. 

From standard setups to more advanced work to help your instrument play the way it should, we offer restringing, bridge adjustment, trust rod adjustment, fretboard cleaning, guitar electronics cleaning, partial guitar polish, installing strap locks, intonation adjustment.

We also offer full care and maintenance for all major string instruments. 

Neck Repair & Replacement

With all well-loved instruments, you can expect some wear and tear. And guitar necks can often need replacing due to worn out frets or fretboard, a damaged or warped neck - or you might simply want to upgrade. Let us help. Give us a call today or book an appointment with our technicians online.

Structural Rebuilds, Refrets & More

When it comes to complete guitar repairs and rebuilds our expert luthiers are the best in the business. From neck rests, replacing and re-gluing bridge, regluing guitar body, to replacing neck and body, no job is too big or too small. We understand that over time, guitars need some TLC or more remedial work, which is why we want to help you get the best out of your play today.

Repairs for Amps & Electronics

Our expert technicians offer a wide range of repair and modification services for amplifiers and electronic instruments. We offer ALL major services on ALL electronic instruments and amps. If you have a faulty or damaged amp or effects unit, simply enquire with us and drop off at our Dubai store.

Pickup Repair & Rewind

Pickups are a great way to upgrade your instrument and get closer to the sound you're after. Replacing old pickups with desired ones, rewiring, electronic modifications, installation, and modification of all electronic parts in any string instrument. Let us help you get ready to rock again with the Art of Guitar Repair Service.

Customise your Guitar

From minor cosmetic tweaks to full custom guitar creations, our technicians also offer customisation and modifications including bespoke guitar laser engraving to custom made wiring. Speak to one of our experts to see how we can bring a new lease of life to your favourite instrument.

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