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Bass Pedals

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Take your sound to the next level with a bass pedal

Bass pedals in any setup can help you create even more possibilities with your sound. Some may even consider bass pedals to be a ‘must have’ item that forms part of a drummer’s collection. While bassists had been using pedals for a while, their first major breakthrough came when singer, songwriter, and musician Sly Stone hired famous bassist Larry Graham, taking him away from Graham’s mother's gospel trio for his new band. Graham, a one-time guitarist, pioneered the use of effects pedals for bass becoming hugely influential with his innovative ‘thumping-plucking’ style of bass playing.

He made the most of the effects from bass pedals on Sly and the Family Stone's well-documented set at the 196 Woodstock Music Festival. Throughout his career Graham has used fuzz pedals, wah pedals, and phase shifters. And as Graham has shown, what the bassist brings is something elemental to a song. It’s the part that loops endlessly in your head long after the music ends. Think Paul McCartney’s hypnotic “Come Together” riff. But to get there you will most likely need a helping hand with a good multi effect bass pedal There are many benefits to investing in multi-effects bass pedals and bass tuning pedals.

Firstly, as we have just said, they’re great for delivering multi effect sounds in a single unit. They help to add an additional layer of tone and dimension to your playing. The effects can cut through the mix on stage, add depth and variety and amplify your sound making it come alive in a different way. Unlike earlier decades, there are many dedicated bass effects pedals available today as manufacturers have tried to enhance the playing experience.

If you’re looking to invest in a bass pedal, make sure you speak to one of our experts at Art of Guitar who will go through the various types of pedals to help you find the perfect one. To get you started we have come up with a selection of bass pedals. Remember, they are available to buy on the Art of Guitar online shop or pop into one of our stores in Dubai.


We have a selection of MarkBass Pedals. They are a powerful tool designed for bassists to have complete control of the Bass Multiamp. The MarkBass multiamp pedalboard for example is a sturdy, ultra compact unit that provides two modes of operation: Program Change and Control Change. It also allows users to have access to a tuner and tap delay functions to add an optional expression pedal.



You can’t go wrong with an MXR preamp or MXR Bass Envelope filter. MXR has been supplying bass pedals for a long time offering everything from modulation, compression, distortions, fuzz pedals, and more helping musicians to take their bass tone to the next level. Its very first pedal was the Phase 90, and nearly 50 years latest since hitting the market, it’s still one of the best-selling effects pedals around. Their pedals have been used by guitar players around the globe and are still a favourite for bassists of all abilities.So, whether you are looking for a double bass pedal, a bass compressor pedal, or a bass octave pedal, we can help you find just the right one for your sound.

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