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Positive Grid Spark Mini
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    Positive Grid Spark Go
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      Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo
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        Cornell Traveller 5 Combo
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          Marshall Code 25 Digital Combo
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            Marshall MG50GFX Combo
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              Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator
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                Marshall DSL 5 CR
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                  DV Mark Multiamp
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                    Cornell Romany 10 Classic Tweed
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                      Fender Tone Master® Princeton® Reverb
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                        Positive Grid Spark 40 Pearl
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                          Positive Grid Spark Mini WHT
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                            Magnatone Starlite
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                              Tone King Imperial Mk II 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo
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                              Marshall MG 30 GFX
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                                Amps are essential for electric guitars, and this is why…

                                If you want to unleash the true power of your electric guitar – then an electric amplifier is a MUST!

                                Not only do electric amplifiers boost your sound, but they also control the tone and can unlock all the firepower of your instrument.People often ask if an electric guitar amp makes a difference and do you really need an amp.Well, any good musician will tell you, a guitar amplifier is an essential part of a setup that involves an electric guitar helping to amplify the sound and give it that extra ‘’oomph.”As we have said, an electric amp helps to amplify your sound. Not only does it magnify the signals from your instrument, but also shapes it to sound even better.Not only can you play around with the settings such as the echo, reverb, distortion, and choice of audio effects, but you can also easily adjust the amp until the sounds produce the ideal level of feedback vibration.It gives the sound strength and firepower, and without the amp, this can easily be noticed.When you come to buying a guitar amplifier, there are several things to consider.Make sure you consider the volume, flexibility, and portability especially if you are transporting it from one venue to another.Importantly, you need to see how your electric amp sounds with your guitar. We have a team of experts here at Art of Guitar, so if you want to bring your guitar to our store in Dubai we can help test the amps out on every setting, listen for clean amplification, a responsive equalizer, and balanced sound between bass and treble.We want to make sure you choose the best electric amp for your guitar. So, to make it as easy as possible we have rounded up some of our favourite amps to suit all budgets and for all levels of playability.


                                Our bestselling amps for electric guitars is the Cornell range. We have the Cornell Traveller Combo and the Cornell Plexi 1x12.Denis Cornell is one of the most revered names in British guitar amplification. He was among those responsible for Sound City amplifiers and the Fuzz Face, back when he was making his bones at Arbiter. He counts the likes of Eric Clapton and Noel Gallagher as his fans, and anyone familiar with his work can attest to the super-tough build quality and attention to detail. So, it’s no surprise that the Cornell range is among our bestselling amps for electric guitars.We have the Cornell Traveller Combo, which allows guitar players the opportunity to own an all-valve, hand-built ‘modern classic’ at an affordable price. The Cornell Plexi 7 combo is also a superb valve guitar amp for the home, studio, and small venues. 

                                Tone King

                                The Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator is another bestseller in our electric amplifier range. Perfect for mid-powered tube amplifiers up to 30 watts, this mini version of our popular 10 watt version attenuates your amp’s volume via the same reactive load and transformer coupled technology as its big brother. Not only will your amp breathe properly on any stage, studio, or rehearsal, but you’ll maintain every ounce of your tonal nuance and response. 


                                At the highest end of the budget is the Vox AC 30 Brian May 1964. Designed in conjunction with Brian May, the Vox Brian May Custom Limited Edition AC-3 was limited to only 500 amplifiers. Commenting about this electric amp, Brian May said: “To the best of our capability and belief, here is an amp you will never have to mess with. If it sounds great to you today, it will always sound great.

                                Power up, plug in, turn up the ONE control knob, and play."


                                Fender guitar amps 

                                have been delivering timeless tones for more than 60 years and we have some of the best Fender electric guitar amps including the Fender Custom Shop Tone Master and the Fender Pro Reverb Amp guitar amplifier (1969).
                                We love both, and customers looking for their first or next electric guitar amp will be spoilt for choice with the Fender models.


                                If you are looking at the lower end of the budget, then the Hotone could be for you. With prices starting at AED 349, the Hotone is great for beginners and perfectly portable too.

                                For example, the Hotone Nano Legacy British Invasion 5W Mini Amplifier is a compact but striking amp that captures that distinctive British AC3 tone. Despite only being 5 Watts, this is more than powerful enough for performances in smaller venues and is ideal for home practice or garage jams. The AC30 has been used by some of the most iconic British bands, from The Beatles to Queen, and this little beauty captures that VOX style but in a much smaller and more manageable package. We also have in stock the Hotone Nano Legacy Heart Attack and Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind electric amps.An amp’s purpose is to help shape the desired sound and give it that “oomph” and power you’re after, so let us help you choose your electric guitar amplifier here at Art of Guitar.

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