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Chorus/Flanger/Phaser Pedals

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Bring your electric guitar sound to life with a pedal chorus

There's one thing that sets apart great songs of rock n roll - they use the best pedal chorus. Think hits from Prince, Nirvana, The Police, and The Cure. A chorus pedal adds zing and life to a guitar performance by creating the sound of multiple instruments playing simultaneously.

In a chorus pedal, the guitar signal is duplicated and the pitch is slightly changed. Additionally, the signal is often delayed and then mixed back into the original guitar signal. This gives the impression of several guitars being played at once, creating a wider, thicker, and richer sound. Adding chorus to a clean tone gives your sound a rich texture and is great for rhythm and lead lines.

Chorus has been a favourite effect of guitarists for years, and Art of Guitar offers a selection of the best Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser pedals for electric and bass guitars. Our range includes popular brands such as MXR, Hotone, Hiwatt, and BOSS.

MXR offers a range of chorus pedals that produce stunning chorus sounds. The Stereo Chorus M13, in particular, is a great option for guitarists looking for a rich and vibrant chorus sound. The Micro Chorus, on the other hand, is an affordable and compact option that delivers a warm analog tone.

Hotone's Ampero II Stomp is an effects processor and amp modeler that offers a selection of over 100 pedal models and 60 original effects designed by Hotone. The Ampero II Stomp is perfect for guitarists looking to create their own signature sound.

Hiwatt's Tube Tremolo has been popular with rock, indie, and country players for decades. Johnny Marr of The Smiths, in particular, pushed the boundaries of what tremolo was capable of with the hit song, "How Soon Is Now?" The Hiwatt Tube Tremolo is simple but very distinctive and surprisingly versatile.

Lastly, the BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter pedal offers vintage and modern phase effects in a convenient stompbox. With adjustable stage settings and Rise and Fall modes, the PH-3 is a versatile and comprehensive pedal.

At Art of Guitar, we offer the best chorus pedals for your guitar needs. Visit our online shop or drop by our store in Dubai to check out our range of chorus pedals.

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