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1962 Fender Stratocaster Pre - CBS
Regular priceAED 67,499.00
    Martin D35-12 in Brazilian Rosewood [1966]
    Regular priceAED 60,000.00AED 48,990.00
      C.F. Martin Guitar 0-15 [1961]
      Regular priceAED 39,990.00
        Gibson ES 345TDC 1967
        Regular priceAED 39,990.00
          Gibson Les Paul Custom 1973
          Regular priceAED 39,900.00
            GibsonES-330 TD (1967)
            Regular priceAED 38,000.00
              Martin 00-21 [1961]
              Regular priceAED 34,990.00
                Gibson - Hummingbird 1968
                Regular priceAED 34,990.00
                  Fender Jaguar Candy Red [1968]
                  Regular priceAED 45,000.00AED 30,000.00
                    Gibson Dove 1969
                    Regular priceAED 36,000.00AED 26,000.00
                      Gibson B25 12 string 1966
                      Regular priceAED 29,990.00AED 25,492.00
                        Gibson J-200 1966
                        Regular priceAED 29,900.00AED 25,415.00
                          Gibson J 160E Sunburst [1964]
                          Regular priceAED 24,900.00
                            Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1972
                            Regular priceAED 19,900.00
                              Fender Stratocaster Antigua 1978
                              Regular priceAED 19,999.00AED 18,699.00
                                Gibson - Melody Maker [1961]
                                Regular priceAED 17,500.00
                                  Gibson - Blueridge (1971)
                                  Regular priceAED 19,900.00AED 16,915.00
                                    Fender Precision Bass guitar [1973]
                                    Regular priceAED 15,199.00
                                      Gretsch 6125 Single Anniversary [1958]
                                      Regular priceAED 15,000.00
                                        Fender Mustang [1966]
                                        Regular priceAED 19,900.00AED 14,999.00
                                          Gibson SG Special [1973]
                                          Regular priceAED 14,000.00
                                            Fender Musicmaster Bass Custom Blue [1971]
                                            Regular priceAED 14,000.00AED 11,900.00
                                              Fender Precision 1973
                                              Regular priceAED 13,000.00AED 11,799.00
                                                Fender Stratocaster hardtail Black 1976
                                                Regular priceAED 14,919.00AED 11,301.00
                                                  Gibson FDH archtop guitar [1930's]
                                                  Regular priceAED 9,999.00
                                                    Vox AC30 guitar amplifier [1970's]
                                                    Regular priceAED 11,000.00AED 9,900.00
                                                      Vox Custom 24
                                                      Regular priceAED 9,490.00
                                                        Gibson (1970) Jubilee Acoustic Guitar
                                                        Regular priceAED 12,599.00AED 8,965.00
                                                          Guild Nova Starfighter [1982]
                                                          Regular priceAED 15,000.00AED 8,948.00
                                                            Fender Vintage 12 String F 310
                                                            Regular priceAED 6,500.00AED 4,875.00

                                                              Find out why our Art of Guitar Vintage Collection is just right for you

                                                              At Art of Guitar, we are proud to offer a vast selection of vintage guitars from the most iconic brands worldwide. With a combined buying and collecting experience of over 100 years our specialist team sources the finest vintage guitars from the worlds best brands globally; whether its a pre CBS era Fender Telecaster or Fender Stratocaster or a early 50s Gibson Les Paul, Norlin era Gibson, ‘60s Martin and Gibson acoustics, plus many more, we have all the categories covered! Our vintage stock of electric and acoustic guitars in store right now range from the timeless Gibson SG Special (1973) to the rare Candy Red Fender Jaguar with matching headstock (1968) plus the highly sought-after Rickenbacker 325JL John Lennon Limited Edition, 1 of only 2000 produced. Remember too that ALL our vintage guitars go through a full certification process at Art of Guitar; cross referencing the serial numbers on the neck and body with the pot codes and more. We also work closely with the original manufacturers including Fender, Gibson, Guild, Gretsch, Martin and more to ensure your vintage guitar is exactly what you believe it to be!

                                                              Our vintage guitars are a favourite among musicians who appreciate the unparalleled quality, hardware, and aged tone that only a true classic guitar can deliver. Whether you're searching for a limited edition or a signed original, we have the best high-end vintage guitars in the world, available through our online store or in-person at our Dubai location. And if you cannot find the guitar of your dreams in our unrivalled stock, we serve our customers with concierge buying, working closely with the worlds most prestigious guitar auction houses and private collectors to find the guitar of your dreams. Our unrivalled network goes as far as partnering with some of the worlds most famous vintage guitar stores in Denmark Street and Nashville too.

                                                              We know that buying a vintage guitar can be daunting and using generic marketplaces is fraught with risk, with high amounts of guitars not having original parts or even being full on, cleverly disguised, fakes, so it is so important to trust the source of your guitar. This is why we provide a individual certificate with each guitar, testing and raising any potential issues or questions around original paint work, re sprays, changed tuners or more - if we note that a guitar is completely original from its original condition then we will guarantee that to be the case. When buying an older or used guitar, there are also several factors to consider, such as the condition, wear and tear, and sound quality, as well as the brand. All of these will have an impact on the ultimate value and collectibility of the guitar. To help you make the right choice, we have curated a collection of our favourite vintage guitar models covering all areas and categories and have a constant stream of new and exciting vintage guitars entering our flagship gallery every day of the week.

                                                              For example, at the premium end of the market, we have a rare and certified Gibson Les Paul Standard Signed By Les Paul himself, a 1992 model in a beautiful Cherry finish that is 100% original. Right now we have two rare and collectible pre-CBS Fender guitars right here in our store. For a mid-price range choice, the Gibson Dove 1969 is a classic and iconic guitar that is in excellent condition, with a stunning maple body and highly flamed maple neck. The tone of this guitar and playability is phenomenal and shows that vintage guitars are not only investment pieces but also great instruments for playing too.

                                                              Fender is a clear top choice for those seeking rare vintage guitars, with models that have stood the test of time - which other categories have models that have changed so little over the past 70 years? - truly iconic and timeless designs abound. Our range of Fender guitars includes the rare and highly-coveted Fender Jaguar Candy Red (1968), verified by Fender to have all original aspects, including the pickups and body, with the final assembly taking place in early 1967. It is also a limited run with a matching candy red headstock that means the guitar is even more highly coveted.

                                                              Ibanez is a good choice for pre-loved guitars at a more modest price range, with a long list of legendary musicians, including Eric Clapton and Julian Bream, having played original Ibanez guitars. At Art of Guitar, we have plenty of options for pre-owned Ibanez guitars, including for the lefties out there the Ibanez 620L Left Handed Acoustic Guitar.

                                                              Our range of Gibson guitars is simply unparalleled; from 1940s original arch top acoustics, a plethora of 60s acoustics in all model types and shapes and Les Paul models covering nearly every year across multiple decades, we really have a Les Paul or Gibson guitar for any year of your choice. Looking for that ideal collectible anniversary piece or a beautiful instrument that you can play whilst it continues to appreciate in price, well Art of Guitar has you covered. With by far the largest range of collectible Vintage guitars in the continent we are the only destination for this fascinating and exciting category for investors, players and collectors alike.

                                                              A final word; At Art of Guitar, we understand that vintage guitars are an investment, and a serious one at that, so rest assured our experts are always on hand to support and advise you in your buying choices. Art of Guitar will guide you in selecting the vintage guitar that will bring you joy for years to come.

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