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Compressor Pedals

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Wampler Ego Compressor
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    Enhance the sound of your guitar with a compressor pedal

    At Art of Guitar, we understand that guitarists may want to achieve a more polished and refined sound, which is where a guitar compressor pedal can come in handy. This type of stompbox pedal is incredibly popular and widely used in recorded music as it helps to control the dynamic range of your instrument, meaning the hard notes get softer and the soft notes get louder. By doing so, the compressor pedal can help level the dynamics of your guitar performance without pushing your guitar into overdrive.

    Compared to simply increasing the volume on your amplifier or guitar, a compressor pedal works more subtly, and it can help boost the output of your guitar when you play something very quietly, or smooth out the sound of your pick attack when you strike a string too forcefully. For example, country guitarists might use a compressor pedal with a slapback delay pedal to achieve a distinctive, thick sound, while blues guitarists might pair a compressor with a light overdrive pedal to fatten their tone even further.

    Compressor pedals are also incredibly useful for bass players, as they can help make more defined sounds and also help control the wide dynamic range of the bass. At Art of Guitar, we offer a selection of the best compressor pedals available on the market today, including models from popular brands like MXR, Hotone, and Wampler.

    For example, the MXR Dyna Comp Compressor is one of the most popular compressors of all time and has been used by countless pros in the studio and on stage. The updated MXR Super Comp Compressor takes that classic sound even further, featuring output and sensitivity knobs that allow you to dial in the perfect setting to keep your parts where they belong in the mix. The Hotone Ampero II Stomp is a top-of-the-line effects processor and amp modeler with over 40 different effects and 87amp models, 6 cab models, over 100 pedal models, and 60 original effects designed by Hotone themselves.

    The Wampler Ego Compressor, on the other hand, offers a unique take on the compressor pedal, with a focus on retaining playing dynamics and ensuring that the compressor doesn't color the tone at all. By incorporating a clean blend, it allows your original signal to be blended back in so you can get all the benefits of a great compressor without sacrificing the front-end attack of your playing.

    If you need help finding the perfect pedal for your setup, our experts at Art of Guitar are always available to help guide you through the options and make recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

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