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        Produce some of the best sounds in the world of guitar with a delay/echo pedal

        Delay and echo sounds can be a hidden force behind your guitar performances.

        You see, when playback is rapid, a delay pedal produces an echo effect - an instant, snappy reverberation of what was played. 

        With extended playback times, delay and echo pedals produce sounds that are great for creating atmospheric landscapes. A great example of this is U2’s ‘Where the Streets Have No Name,’ in which you can hear the stunning delay that has since influenced a whole generation of guitarists.

        What sound effects can you create with a delay pedal?

        There are several delay sounds you can create with these pedals depending on your settings.  They include a reverb effect, which occurs when a sound hits any hard surface delivering a complex echo to create the illusion of being in a larger space; a tremolo effect that rhythmically changes the volume of your signal; a compressor which extends and boots the sounds of your guitar; and an echo effect, which does exactly what it says.

        Other sound effects include a reverse tape effect, where your performance plays ‘backward’, and a chorus effect which creates the illusion of multiple instruments.

        So, how does a delay and echo pedal work?

        Delay pedals have a wide array of possible settings, depending on the make and model. 

        Delay, as an audio effect, is the process of recording an input signal to a storage medium and playing it back (often along with the input signal) after some time.

        This signal can be played back once or multiple times and can even be adjusted along with the mix relative to the original dry signal. 

        It may also be fed back into the delay processing circuit to produce further delay. Clever, right? That’s why delay pedals are so popular. 

        Most musicians can benefit from a good delay pedal as it can add depth and space to a signal. It can also create atmospheric cascading guitar tones or anything in between.

        There are plenty of delay/echo pedals on the market to choose from, and here are some of the best delay pedals today.


        MXR offers some of the best delay pedals on the market. We have a selection that includes the

        MXR Tap Tempo Switch M199, which features an adjustable tip/ring configuration so you can control the delay time of a wide variety of delay pedal types. We also have the popular

        MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay which features a complete analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay.


        From subtle ambiance to wild noises, try Hotone’s Ampero range which delivers more than high-quality sound and makes producing music accessible for more players. Since launching, the Ampero Series has gained positive traction in the music world and has earned a reputation for its sound performance and user interface design.


        Wampler pedals have an incredible range of sounds. Take the Wampler Metaverse, an all encompassing multi-delay that brings together 11 of Brian Wampler's all-time favorite delay pedals and puts them right at your feet! The Wampler Terraform Modulation Multi Effect Pedal also has 11 vibrant modulation effects, a true stereo signal path, and even MIDI control, making it one of the most comprehensive modulation multi-effects pedals you'll find.  For the best delay/echo pedals that cover your sonic needs at a price point you can afford, then look no further than Art of Guitar.

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