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Sheeran By Lowden

Chart topper Ed Sheeran has been a huge fan of Lowden guitars for many years.

He was given his first Lowden as a present from Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody in 2012. Since then, the Shape of You hitmaker has amassed a personal collection of Lowden guitars.

So, it was no surprise when the global singer, songwriter, and guitarist launched a collaboration with Northern Ireland-based guitar maker George Lowden.

The aim is to encourage more young people to take up the guitar.
Designed and built in Ireland, the range offers aspiring musicians guitars that have great playability and tone using sustainably sourced wood to ensure an innate natural ‘almost bare’ finish.

At launch, the Sheeran by Lowden line featured eight individual models across two small body sizes from the Lowden range, known as the S and the Wee Lowden, both played by Sheeran himself.
The George Lowden designed guitars offer uncompromising tone and playability whether you want to strum at home, on stage or on the road.

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