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Fender Precision 1973
Regular priceAED. 13,000.00AED. 11,799.00
    Fender Stratocaster Antigua 1978
    Regular priceAED. 19,999.00AED. 18,699.00
      Fender S23 BASS VI JRN - FASPK
      Regular priceAED. 35,000.00AED. 27,199.00
        Fender Player Plus Stratocaster - Tequila Sunrise
        Regular priceAED. 4,699.00AED. 4,229.00
          Fender Telecaster Custom Shop Limted Edition 63' NOS
          Regular priceAED. 21,000.00AED. 19,799.00
            Fender Stratocaster MIJ (1988)
            Regular priceAED. 3,500.00
              Fender Okoume 5 Strings Mexican
              Regular priceAED. 6,499.00AED. 5,849.00
                35th Anniversary Mustang Stratocaster
                Regular priceAED. 129,000.00AED. 99,000.00
                  1962 Fender Stratocaster Pre - CBS
                  Regular priceAED. 90,000.00AED. 67,499.00
                    Fender Crashocaster 1 of 4
                    Regular priceAED. 250,000.00
                      Fender Stratocaster Pre-CBS 1961
                      Regular priceAED. 90,000.00AED. 67,499.00
                        Fender Custom Shop Playboy
                        Regular priceAED. 178,463.00
                          Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Exotic Cocobolo
                          Regular priceAED. 13,999.00AED. 12,399.00
                            Fender Acoustasonic Strat Exotic Ziricote
                            Regular priceAED. 13,999.00
                              Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster
                              Regular priceAED. 11,899.00
                                Fender Vintera '50s Precision Bass
                                Regular priceAED. 4,490.00AED. 4,041.00
                                  Fender Select Telecaster
                                  Regular priceAED. 14,799.00
                                    Fender Stratocaster hardtail Black 1976
                                    Regular priceAED. 14,919.00AED. 13,199.00
                                      Fender 50s Telecaster Bigsby
                                      Regular priceAED. 6,379.00
                                        Fender Standard Telecaster Left handed
                                        Regular priceAED. 3,819.00
                                          Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Signature
                                          Regular priceAED. 11,499.00
                                            Fender Precision Bass guitar [1973]
                                            Regular priceAED. 15,199.00
                                              Fender Custom Shop Namm Ltd 69 Blue Flower Strat Relic
                                              Regular priceAED. 49,000.00AED. 29,500.00
                                                Fender -Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster
                                                Regular priceAED. 17,680.00
                                                  Fender Mustang [1966]
                                                  Regular priceAED. 19,900.00AED. 15,999.00
                                                    Fender Telecaster Vintage Sunburst [1975]
                                                    Regular priceAED. 21,999.00
                                                      Fender Custom Dlx Telecaster
                                                      Regular priceAED. 15,990.00AED. 14,499.00

                                                        Fender Guitars Collection Unleash Your Musical Passion

                                                        Since 1946, Fender's iconic Stratocasters, Telecasters and Precision & Jazz bass guitars have transformed nearly every music genre.

                                                        Fender’s reputation as the stalwart American musical instrument brand has gone largely unchallenged as the company has evolved significantly over the decades and has managed to stay true to founder Leo Fender’s original vision – to inspire artists around the world and give new players the tools they need to start their musical legacy.

                                                        From creating the first official Fender guitar with the introduction of the Esquire in 1950, the brand went on to introduce to the world the Telecaster, and even debuted the first electric bass and bass amp in 1951 - the Precision Bass and the Bassman amp.

                                                        Three years later, the now-iconic Stratocaster was introduced as a follow-up to the Telecaster.

                                                        In a very short period, Fender invented, defined, and dominated the very idea of an electric guitar producing some of the most famous designs in history. Those designs remain in mainstream use 70 years on since the brand’s inception.

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