This Valentine's Day, share the music of love with Art of Guitar's captivating collection of products! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we have the perfect gift for everyone. We’ve carefully curated a selection of gifts from every range of guitars and music memorabilia to help you find the perfect match.

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Taylor AD22e
Regular priceAED. 7,199.00
Martin LX1RE
Regular priceAED. 2,259.00
Taylor T5z Classic
Regular priceAED. 7,669.00
Majesty 6 String Sanguine Red
Regular priceAED. 13,500.00
Music Man BFR Albert Lee MM90 "Ghost in the Shell"
Regular priceAED. 16,869.00AED. 14,338.65
Music Man BFR Valentine with Bigsby Carmelo
Regular priceAED. 16,999.00AED. 15,299.00
Warwick RB Corvette Basic 5 N TS
Regular priceAED. 3,799.00
Music Man Majesty 7 Ferrari Red
Regular priceAED. 22,000.00AED. 14,960.00
Sheeran by Lowden S02
Regular priceAED. 8,000.00
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1972
Regular priceAED. 19,900.00

Memorabilia Sale

Brian Jones Portrait Signed by Brian Jones
Regular priceAED. 4,000.00AED. 3,000.00
    Albert Lee Portrait Signed by Albert Lee
    Regular priceAED. 2,000.00AED. 1,500.00
      Led Zeppelin Portrait
      Regular priceAED. 1,000.00AED. 750.00
        Jimmy Page Portrait
        Regular priceAED. 1,000.00AED. 750.00
          Liam Gallagher Portrait Signed by Liam Gallagher
          Regular priceAED. 2,400.00AED. 1,800.00
            Eric Clapton Portrait Signed by Eric Clapton
            Regular priceAED. 7,300.00AED. 5,475.00
              Beatles Portrait in Startling Studios
              Regular priceAED. 5,000.00AED. 3,750.00

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