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Chances are, you've come across the Cordoba Guitars name, renowned for its top-tier nylon string acoustic guitars. Let us take you on a journey into the world of Cordoba Guitars and explore which exquisite models and instruments are perfect for your next guitar or ukulele purchase.

A Glimpse into Cordoba Guitars

Nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California, Cordoba Guitars was established by the visionary Tim Miklaucic. His dream? To introduce the enchanting world of nylon-string guitars to a wider audience. One of their key strategies in achieving this mission is crafting expressive and impeccably handcrafted instruments, accessible to both students and seasoned professionals. Collaborating with renowned master builders like Kenny Hill, Edmond Blöchinger, and Pepe Romero Jr., Cordoba instruments are distinguished by their meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional tonal quality. Beyond classical guitar aficionados, Cordoba Guitars extends its offerings to those exploring alternative styles, featuring models like the Thinbody, Crossover, and Flamenco, as well as instruments equipped with pickups and an extensive range of premium ukuleles.

Kenny Hill
Edmond Blöchinger
Pepe Romero

Discovering Iconic Models

Within the Cordoba classical guitar collection, you'll find beloved classics such as the Cordoba C5 and Cordoba C7. These models stand out for their magnificent tone, embracing traditional Spanish aesthetics, all wrapped in an appealing price range. Crafted with solid tops for superior tonal richness and laminate back and sides for enhanced durability and value, the C5 and C7 are stellar choices whether you're venturing into the realm of classical guitars or seeking an upgrade from your current student-level instrument.

The Master Series: A Modern Legacy

Another cherished line within Cordoba's repertoire is the California-crafted Master Series. These instruments pay homage to iconic historical guitars, bearing the spirit of legends like Antonio de Torres, Miguel Rodriguez, and Hermann Hauser. Handcrafted individually by Cordoba's skilled luthiers in Oxnard, California, the Master Series instruments employ the finest tonewoods to deliver an authentic sound that mirrors their legendary predecessors. The Guitar Shop at Art of Guitar proudly collaborates with the artisans behind the Master Series to create unique, one-of-a-kind instruments, meticulously tailored to our precise design specifications.

Antonio de Torres
Miguel Rodriguez
Hermann Hauser

Acquiring Your Cordoba Guitar

At Art of Guitar, we offer the full spectrum of Cordoba classical guitars and ukuleles. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or to explore how we can assist you in realizing your dream guitar, possibly working hand-in-hand with Cordoba's gifted luthiers.

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