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Fender Precision 1973
Regular priceAED. 13,000.00AED. 11,799.00
    PRS Kestrel SE
    Regular priceAED. 2,399.00
      Fender Okoume 5 Strings Mexican
      Regular priceAED. 6,499.00AED. 5,849.00
        Michael Tobias Design SUPER 6 White Matt
        Regular priceAED. 22,772.00
          Ibanez IJSR190U Bass Starter Pack
          Regular priceAED. 1,819.00
          • Black
          • Walnut
          Rickenbacker 4003S/5 Bass
          Regular priceAED. 12,999.00
            Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
            Regular priceAED. 14,999.00
              Music Man Stingray Classic 4
              Regular priceAED. 16,999.00AED. 14,449.00
                Ibanez SR1350B-DUF
                Regular priceAED. 5,949.00AED. 5,354.00
                  Fender Vintera '50s Precision Bass
                  Regular priceAED. 4,490.00AED. 4,041.00
                    Ibanez Gio GSR205SMNGT Bass
                    Regular priceAED. 1,439.00
                      Music Man Bongo 4 HH Harvest Orange
                      Regular priceAED. 13,169.00AED. 11,852.00
                        Sadowsky MetroExpress 21-5 Vintage JJ
                        Regular priceAED. 3,679.00
                          Sadowsky MetroExpress 21 Vintage LH
                          Regular priceAED. 3,459.00
                            Sadowsky MetroExpress 21 Hyb Mo BK
                            Regular priceAED. 3,459.00

                              Explore the biggest range of bass guitars at Art of Guitar

                              Bass players have got it sweet thanks to the range of bass guitars available, and here at Art of Guitar, we offer some of the best around the world. From Fender, Rickenbacker, Music Man, B&G Big Sister, Warwick, to Sadowsky, we can help you to seek those killer sounds thanks to our unrivaled choice when it comes to bass guitars – find today’s best bass guitar deals look no further than Art of Guitar. Here you will find a bass that not only looks good and feels good but has excellent sound quality too. Bass guitars have grown immensely around the world and we’re proud to offer some of the best products around. So, why not look at some of the following and shop our online store?

                              The Fender bass guitars are a popular choice for players at all levels. What we like about them is they’re accessible, affordable, and have a classic look and sound that people enjoy. Fender Custom Shop Phil Lynott Masterbuilt (John Cruz) Precision Bass for example. designed by Master Builder John Cruz as a tribute to Phil Lynott. It features a select ash body, hand-wound '60s P-Bass pickups, and vintage-style tuning machines. It is highly coveted by collectors and fans of Thin Lizzy.

                              Look no further than Sadowsky for a world-class custom guitar and bass builder. We have plenty in stock too such as the Sadowsky MetroExpress 2 Vintage OW and the Sadowsky MetroExpress 21-5 Vintage JJ. Roger Sadowsky's goal was to always improve an already successful bass design by making a number of detailed changes. Along with the electronics, which he developed by himself, he succeeded to raise the well-known J-bass sound to a new level for that distinctive Sadowsky tone.

                              Music Man
                              Music Man basses are popular for their versatility and power. They have been used by artists such as Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tony Levin from King Crimson. At Art of Guitar, we offer a range of Music Man bass guitars, including the Stingray and Bongo models. B&G Big Sister B&G Guitars is known for crafting handmade guitars with a vintage feel. The Big Sister bass is a top-quality instrument made with the same attention to detail and precision as their guitars. The Big Sister features a solid wood body, a single-coil pickup, and a custom bridge designed to provide maximum sustain and tonal clarity.

                              Renowned as the finest maker of bass guitars, Warwick has carved out a super reputation within the sector for its high-quality instruments. From entry-level Warwick guitars to the signature series for seasoned pros and die-hard fans, Warwick bass guitars have a recognizable sound that you can build with your own tone with amps and bass pedals. Why not start with a Warwick RockBass Streamer Standard, String Honey Violin Transparent Satin, or go a bit further with the Warwick RB Corvette Basic 4 NB TS Left Handed Guitar. Both are top basses that can be enjoyed for years to come.

                              Rickenbacker bass guitars have been used by legendary artists such as Paul McCartney and Lemmy Kilmister. These instruments are known for their distinctive sound and unique design. At Art of Guitar, we offer a range of Rickenbacker bass guitars, including the 4003 model.

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