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The Cornell Traveller 7 World Exclusive to Art of Guitar

The Cornell Traveller 7 World Exclusive to Art of Guitar

The Cornell Traveller 7

has arrived. Not yet listed on the Cornell website, the latest offering from Dennis Cornell, amp builder to the stars can only be purchased here.

What a privilege for Art of Guitar,  the Middle East’s leading largest retailer of Vintage, Fine, Rare, and Boutique guitars and amplifiers! The model 7000 onwards arrived just a few days ago and can only be purchased here.

Our love of everything Cornell; Denis Cornell to be exact - the man who has built valve amps for Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, Wilko Johnson, and others is well known. The Traveller 7 is the very latest offering from Southend-On-Sea's (UK) finest.

Similar to the small, portable, supercharged Traveller 5 this beauty pumps out a venue filling growling 7amps of pure hand wired valve power! Coupled to a specially designed 12 inch Jensen speaker, it outperforms some of the biggest amps in the store.

In addition, being able to wind down the power to 0.05 watts, means bedroom rockstars can smash out Zeppelin toned overdriven cranked amp sounds without disturbing anyone in the next room! Some of the magic occurs in the Cornell use of resistive loading in the attenuators to prevent the muffled, muddy sounds  of inferior ones which can change the tone when activated.

The Cornell Traveller 7 uses the same high-quality attenuator as the famous Romany Series of amps, ensuring perfect tone at which ever wattage you want. With four different power settings, this amp provides an amazing sonic and dynamic range. Magic indeed!!

 For over 50 years Dennis Cornell has helped stars like Hendrix achieve amazing sounds, providing bespoke builds for the likes of  Arctic Monkeys, Gary Moore, Placebo, Clapton, Oasis – all of whom called him!

Recently, he decided that individuals wanted the same amazing build quality of the one off stadium filling amps and began hand building commercial amps to order. Scrupulously hand wired, every cabinet enclosed in solid wood, the build
and fit ensure that they stop at nothing to get the best results – and not a printed circuit board in sight!
This incredible little combo has a variety of tones and features that will delight the most ardent Bluesman, AC/DC tribute band or chiming clear Floyd-esque sounds.

There are two notable upgrades from the Traveller 5:
The Cornell Traveller 7 has a switch allowing the tone controls to be taken out of the circuit completely for a cleaner, more accurate tone. Point to point in action  This seems to add a few extra watts to the already massive 7watt output and gives an amazing pedal board ready platform to play on.
The fabulous 12inch Jensen special speaker also gives more bass and mid-range impact than it’s little brother the Traveller 5. Yet the size of the combo amplifier is identical - what wizardry Denis applied to achieve this will remind his secret but when okayed at its full 7W and the tone eq cut you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a full stack behind you - small venue gigs will be a doodle with this great amp and you won’t break your back carrying it around either!
This beauty weighs less than a 20watt Far Eastern built Marshall. How? More magic!

It is light and easy to carry around with an unbelievable quality of sound, volume and tone options. It is a solid, hand picked wooden paneled amp that will withstand rigorous bumping and banging and protect those all-important glass valves and delicate circuitry that makes the wizardry come alive.
All components are mounted onto an eyelet board made from epoxy bonded fiberglass that will never absorb moisture. Everything is arranged to keep signal path linked as short as possible. Dennis Cornell certainly knows his stuff!
For such a  small, mid-priced handmade amp (arguably under priced ), the Traveller 7’s features allow the perfect tones to be dialed in whether using single or dual coil guitars, and the perfect tones for music stretching from Blues, Country, and Heavy Metal.

The 7watts sound massive to Art of Guitar and makes this a perfect platform for feeding a careful selection of pedals into (with bags of clean headroom.) Really, though, you just need a nice Axe, decent cable and off you go!!

More than 50 years from Hendrix, being part of the crew who put together the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and making bespoke amps for Noel Gallagher, Placebo, Eric Clapton, Artic Monkeys and co-, Dennis continues to surprise and delight with his incredible offerings.
The Traveller 7 is his latest; don’t expect high numbers of this hand made sonic perfection but if you can find one: Buy It Now!

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