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A guitar constructed from parts taken from the Apollo spacecraft is as unique as it comes

If you want a guitar that comes with a piece of history then look no further than the Apollocaster Guitar, which quite literally has been to the moon and back.

The Apollocaster Guitar is a unique rocket-themed Tele-style guitar which was created by NASA scientists using parts from Apollo spacecrafts.

It was reportedly built by Ray Davenport Jnr, the Chief Mechanical Engineer working on the construction of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module.

Ray, who also played rhythm guitar in the NASA house band, One Small Step, built the Apollocaster during breaks between shifts.

However, he was fired in 1972 after NASA discovered he had been stealing vital metal parts for its construction.

The Apollocaster guitar is a dual humbucker Telecaster-style single cut, featuring an engraved pickguard design that resembles the parts board of an Airfix model for the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

The back of the guitar, just below the string ferrules, bears a recreation of the Lunar Plaque left on the moon by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

Its inscription reads: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon, July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

And, last but not least are the pickups – a pair of Bare-Knuckle Mule humbuckers – which are wired to CTS split-coil pots and a Switchcraft three-way selector.

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