In every art form there are those who have mastered their craft so thoroughly, through years of training and experience, their work routinely commands extra acclaim and admiration, not to mention outright awe. These astonishing artisans are the Master Builders of the Fender Custom Shop; a select group of the most talented builders recognized around the world for their matchless skill, limitless imagination and utter devotion to their art. Crafting a guitar with a Custom Shop Master Builder is the ultimate artistic partnership—simply put, no idea is too crazy and no job too large or too small. They’ll walk you through everything—body design, neck shape, tonewoods, pickups, hardware and more—to give you the look, feel and sound that you’re searching for. From start to finish the Master Builder will personally ensure that each guitar is built with the highest possible quality and to your exact specifications. Additionally, it’s about more than just specifications, it’s about making the instrument of your dreams a concrete reality.


Just imagine the greatest artists in history gathered under one roof; Michelangelo, DaVinci, Picasso and Dali working next to each other, sharing pigments, knowledge and expertise. The Fender Custom Shop is exactly that, the world’s most esteemed luthiers gathered together to create peerless instruments that are astounding works of art—the Master Builders. They are known the world over for their skill and have built instruments for Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Dick Dale, Mike Dirnt, Bob Dylan, Robben Ford, Buddy Guy, Merle Haggard,Reggie Hamilton, Mark Hoppus, John 5, Keith Richards, Sting and U2 ...just to name a few!

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