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Ed Sheeran's Guitar Collection by George Lowden

Ed Sheeran's Guitar Collection by George Lowden

Ed Sheeran's Guitar Collection by George Lowden

When one of the world’s bestselling recording artists joins forces with one of the world’s preeminent guitar luthiers it’s pretty big news. When they launch a fantastic range of guitars that Ed uses exclusively during his tours and specially signed with George (Lowden) because he was so enamored with his skills as a guitar builder that’s pretty big news too; 

And when Art of Guitar, the Middle East’s largest retailer of fine, rare and vintage guitars commits to selling that full range; well, that’s the biggest news of all (on our website anyway :)

Sheeran by Lowden are a range of newly designed guitars born out of a friendship between Ed Sheeran and George Lowden.

They offer aspiring musicians a guitar with great playability and tone using materials with high sustainability credentials, all designed and built in Ireland.


The S series, Model S01


Fun fact: Did you know how it all started?

Ed was first introduced to Lowden guitars when Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol (massive fans and users of a Lowden guitars) gifted one to Ed although he was already a huge admirer of the brand. Since that point Ed ‘just had to meet George, visit the workshops and discuss his new plans’; Sheeran by Lowden guitars are the result of this and many other future visits!

Ed believes that the Lowden guitars are as equally good for recording as well as playing live and this has help inspired the collaboration to help aspiring musicians have the chance to own their own Lowden.

Not only can we offer all the styles and variations included in the Sheeran by Lowden range we also use these guitars for our professional tutoring and weekly jam sessions. When you see, feel and play these guitars you’ll understand exactly why this is.

The range is a fantastic entry into the world of high-end luthier built acoustic guitars - built using the famous Lowden attention to sonic and visual detail; complete with factory fitted pickups, bevel and cut away options - there’s a guitar in the range for every body and they’re perfect for both home practice and taking on the road.

Testament to his love of the guitars Ed Sheeran actually wrote five songs for the album X on the very guitar from Gary as well as recording them with it.

At launch the Sheeran by Lowden range features eight individual models across two small body sizes familiar from the Lowden range, the ‘S’ and ‘the Wee.’

Ed Sheeran plays both player friendly sizes which are ready and responsive at home, on stage, and on the road.

George Lowden designed the guitars for the player, for uncompromising tone and playability with a careful choice of woods to ensure innate natural beauty. 
An ‘almost bare’ finish enhances this.

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Check out the website listings for all the current models or come down to the purpose designed Guitar Gallery to give these guitars a road test, you won’t be disappointed!


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