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A Note on The Environment

A Note on The Environment

A Note on The Environment

We care passionately about the impact our lifestyles are having on the environment we live in. Guitars are essentially pieces of, sometimes very rare, wood. We strive to ensure we work with suppliers who put sustainability at the forefront of their process. For example, a Brazilian Rosewood guitar will always be accompanied by a CITES certificate, and we only purchase guitars from manufacturers or luthiers who use this wood in a careful, sustainable manner. 

Read here about how Santa Cruz guitars of California approach this issue – only trees that have come down during storm damage or logs recovered from rivers are ever used, so that no new trees are cut down to provide materials. Our Martin Custom range includes guitars that use sinker mahogany – a wood that has been recovered from a riverbed having been preserved for decades. Reusing wood in this way helps us do our bit for the environment.



“Taylor Guitars are built in a controlled environment with a relative humidity of 46%. It is essential to maintain a proper moisture level to prevent the adverse effects of dry conditions, such as bad string action and buzzing, protruding fret ends, wood cracking, top sinking, bridge lifting and other potential damage to your instrument.


Your guitar case always provides essential protection from drying and other environmental effects, but in areas prone to severe dryness and/or cold (such as heated homes), you must use a guitar-humidifying device."

At Art of Guitar, you will find a wide selection of humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can be used in the guitar case or at home to ensure the optimum longevity and tone of your instrument


The environment in which guitars are stored can have a huge effect on their condition. We take this very seriously here at Art Of Guitar, keeping our store and any booths or jamming areas at a constant temperature and humidity level to avoid any impact on the unique character of each instrument.


We have worked closely with some of the world's finest luthiers and guitar manufacturers to replicate the conditions within which they build and store their premium instruments: This means that, when you purchase at RJ Luthier, you can be sure your instrument has been cared for perfectly and will arrive with you in perfect condition.


Finally while we are happy to ship anywhere in the world, we encourage buyers in the region to visit us in person. As well as enabling you to try the instrument out in person, you can also then take it home with you and avoid shipping and additional packaging costs that delivery incurs. When we do ship, we strive to do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible, using recovered and reused outers. Our use of plastics is almost non existent and only biodegradable plastic will ever be considered.


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