Reeves - Custom 6 PS (Head)

Reeves Custom 6 PS (full front controls)
Reeves Custom 6 PS (Head) (back side outputs)

Reeves - Custom 6 PS (Head)

AED. 3,600.00 AED. 2,700.00

Take it from the top

One of our favourite pastimes here at Art of Guitar is discovering rare boutique amplifier gems that we then get to pass on to you. And when we find a rare gem like this there's nothing more exciting than showing you what it can do, right here in our specially designed Guitar Gallery - the largest of its kind in the whole of the Middle East!

But biggest isn't always best and this particular amp is testiment to that fact; Reeves discontinued this model in favour of it's bigger brother but if you're looking for a nice 'chimey' tone at lower volumes coupled with that British fat growl at higher volumes without waking the neighbours then this is the amp for you!


Built to order in the USA and recently discontinued this amp is also a visual feast and harder and harder to come by regardless of the chanels you use - yet we have one right here in Dubai waiting for it's rightful owner.


  • 6 watts fully tube loaded power
  • Single ended Class A design
  • High and Low inputs
  • Heyboer transformers
  • Vol. Bass and Mid controls to shape the tone perfectly
  • Turret board, point to point, handwired boutique construction
  • 4, 8 and 16 Ohm speaker jacks
  • Looks amazing :)
  • Condition: EX+ Pre-Loved and recently serviced. Priced a full 33% less than a new unit without having to ship in from the US!
  • Only at Art of Guitar, Dubai, UAE


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