MXR - M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato

MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato (full front side controls)
MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato (side output)

MXR - M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato

AED. 549.00

Take It From The Top

The MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato delivers the same lush, chewy textures that players have enjoyed since the late ’60s. Updated with modern gigging players in mind, this effect now comes in a standard MXR housing a fraction of the size and weight of the original with true bypass switching. Thanks to its simple three-knob interface, you can dial in the effect to your taste in short order. With a warm, undulating tone the MXR Uni-Vibe is incredibility addictive to play through.



  • Reissue of the classic Uni-Vibe electric guitar effect, popularized in the '60s & '70s
  • Wide range of effects between the Chorus mode (dry signal and pitch-shifted signal) and Vibe mode (pitch-shifted signal only)
  • Compact design is easy to add to your pedalboard
  • True bypass switching ensures your tone won't be affected while the pedal is off
  • Easy to dial in with the simple three-knob interface


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