MXR - Dyna Comp Compressor

MXR - Dyna Comp Compressor (full front side controls)

MXR - Dyna Comp Compressor

AED. 349.00

Take It From The Top

First introduced in 1970, the MXR Dyna Comp quickly became a Nashville Standard and one of the most popular compressors of all time. Whether you want to tighten up your signal, add rich sustain, or create the percussive and clicky sound heard on numerous hit records, this pedal is straightforward to use but reassuringly complex in its sound. For these simple reasons, the Dyna Comp Compressor has been the secret weapon on countless pedalboards for years.


  • Simple, dual knob operation
  • Sensitivity knob controls ratio (highest sensitivity is maximum compression)
  • Battery operation or with optional AC Adapter
  • Chunky, clean tones or even out volume of sustained tones for solos
  • Output knob controls volume


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