Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar

Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar
Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar
Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar
Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar
Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar
Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar

Lowden - O22 Mahogany/Cedar

AED. 14,999.00

Though they're all cut from the same cloth, each member of the O-size family has a unique and inspiring voice. In particular, the O-22 model stands out for its wide dynamic range and warmth. It features a red cedar top and mahogany back and sides, and the chemistry between these two tonewoods gives you a huge yet malleable sound. Let's dig in and see why this O-22 sounds so delightful!

Guitars with cedar tops are known for their touch-sensitivity. Hit them hard, and they sound bright and sparkly. Play them softly, and you get a round, warm, open tone. When a masterful luthier pairs cedar with a warm, round-sounding wood like mahogany, the results are extraordinary. Mahogany always imparts a bit of natural, smooth compression, which tames the edges of cedar's dynamics so that it sounds pleasant, clear, and balanced at every volume. To wit: it's nigh-impossible to get an O-22 to sound muddy or harsh! It has deep, warm lows, thumping midrange, and touch-sensitive highs that can sound glassy and smooth or sparkly and lush depending on how hard you pick. Even when you dig it, it sounds open and clear.

But, don't get it twisted: the O-22 is still one heck of a dynamic-sounding instrument! At low volumes, it still sounds rich and full, which makes it a wonderful choice for fingerstylists seeking a huge sound. You can also pull extra sparkle and chime out of the top by digging in with your fingers, which cannot be said for every jumbo guitar.

Of course, the O-22 is also divine with a flatpick. It projects like nobody's business, and it sounds positively cavernous when you play big chords. It has superb balance and note separation, too, so you can feel free to play complex jazz chords.


  • Model Original Series O-22
  • Top Wood Cedar
  • Back & Sides Wood Mahogany
  • Lower Bout 16.5"
  • Body Depth 4.9"
  • Neck Wood 5 Piece - Mahogany/Rosewood
  • Neck Measurements .800 1st - .850 9th
  • Fingerboard Ebony
  • Scale Length 25.5"
  • Width at Nut 1 3/4"
  • Nut Material Bone
  • Binding Maple
  • Rosette Rosewood, Sycamore, Walnut, Mahogany
  • Tuners Gotoh SG381 Gold w/ Ebony Buttons
  • Bridge Rosewood
  • Saddle Bone
  • Pickguard Clear
  • Case Lowden Branded Hiscox
  • Condition: New

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