Hughes & Kettner - The Statesman Head And Matching Cab

Hughes & Kettner - The Statesman Head And Matching Cab Consignment
Hughes & Kettner - The Statesman Head And Matching Cab Consignment
Hughes & Kettner - The Statesman Head And Matching Cab Consignment

Hughes & Kettner - The Statesman Head And Matching Cab

AED. 14,500.00

Take it from the top

British tonal heritage is fused deep within this Statesman's circuited soul, courtesy of its EL34 power valves. They are integral to the UK rock sound as we know it.

H&K's overall aim was to achieve a "classic, retro, timeless" feel with the cosmetics.

Yet at the amp's core are modern features including dual-channel EQ settings, 'twang' and 'boost' switching options, a series/ parallel effects loop and easily accessible valves and bias points for minimum-hassle maintenance.

The Dual EL-34's control panel is simple. The clean channel has no separate gain control, just volume, treble, mid and bass. The little twang button on the clean channel changes the EQ curve from a British voicing to a more American response.

The overdrive channel has a master-volume-type setup with separate gain and master controls, then treble, mid and bass, plus a boost function that is also footswitchable.

This kicks in more lower mids and gain, the level of which you regulate with a trim-pot on the back panel: twang to bang. Master reverb and presence controls complete the front control panel.


Reverb balance control

Around the back again, a reverb balance control enables you to assign varying amounts of reverb to both clean and drive channels.

This is useful for those of you who like to have lots of reverb on your clean sound, for example, but maybe less on your drive channel. Or vice versa… or set it straight up for equal 'verb to each channel: it's a thoughtful, practical function.

If you have a need for an effects loop, the Statesman solution offers either parallel or serial operation plus a -10dB setting.

Parallel mixes your effects with the dry tone so you can balance the effects level, while serial inserts them between pre and power sections so the whole signal is effected.


Head Features:

  • Channels Clean + Twang, Overdrive + Boost
  • Oxblood Brown Tolex
  • Power 50 Watts
  • Poweramp 2x EL34
  • Preamp 2x 12AX7
  • Effects Accutronics Spring Reverb
  • Effects Loop Serial/Parralel selectable
  • Footswitch/Stageboard 1x FS-3N included, FS-2 as an option
  • Switching Functions Channels, Boost, Second Master; with 2nd FS-2: Reverb, FX-Loop
  • Special Features Second Master, Twang and Boost Mode, adjustable Reverb Balance, second Master
  • Equalizer 3-band EQ per channel
  • Speaker Outputs 1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8 Ohms/2x 16 Ohms , 1x16 Ohms
  • Protective Cover included
  • Dimensions 678 x 254 x 253 mm
  • Weight 15,3 kg/33,7 lbs


Cabinet Features:

  • Impedance Mono: 4/16 Ohms
  • Impedance Stereo: 2X8 Ohms
  • Power Rating: 240 Watts
  • Connectors: 2 x 1/4
  • Protective Cover included
  • Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 360 mm
  • Weight: 41 kg/ 90.4 lbs

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