Fulltone - '69 Version 1

Fulltone '69 Version 1 (full front side with controls)

Fulltone - '69 Version 1

AED. 2,499.00

Take It From The Top

The 69 Version 1 is one of the early Fulltone distortion pedals, This sought after ’69 model sounds amazing and has that classic 60’s fuzz pedal sound. The 69 Version 1 original germanium-transistor is becoming super rare and extremely hard to find in such excellent condition, but at Art of Guitar we are honoured to have the chance to offer it in our exclusive range.



  • Very sturdy construction, hand wired and hand built with high end component specification
  • Extremely responsive to the volume and tone controls of your guitar, and sounds awesome


Shop the Fulltone 69 Version 1 now at Art of Guitar online, or drop in to the Art of Guitar store in Dubai today to try one out for yourself.