Cornell - Traveller 7 Combo

Cornell - Traveler 7 (Serial: 7001) (front side)
Cornell - Traveler 7 (Serial: 7001) (back side, jensen 12" speaker)
Cornell - Traveler 7 (Serial: 7001) (control panel)

Cornell - Traveller 7 Combo

AED. 5,499.00

Here we have the very first Traveller 7 available exclusively at Art of Guitar (Serial number 7001!)

An upgrade to the portable Traveller 5 with an enhanced 7 Watts of output, 12 inch Jensen special speaker and a four level attenuator this amp is as good for pro level practice sessions at home as it is for small venue gigging

Hand made in the U.K. without a pcb board in sight this is a fully hand assembled point-to-point amplifier with the same build quality as the famous Romany series yet weighs virtually the same as the T5 in the same size enclosure so as the name suggests it really is a Traveller amp!

Also sporting Denis Cornell’s fantastic built in attenuator- with 4 different power settings from 0.05W all the way up to a very loud 7W - the attenuator has very little impact on tone so you can set to the perfect sound in the bedroom and dial up the power for taking it on the road.

What magic Mr Cornell has wielded to create such a fantastic sounding amp in a small, light yet ruggedly built amp is his secret to keep but if he keeps churning out amplifiers this good then we’re going to keep on assuredly recommending them as the best in class amplifiers they ate

Its no surprise that, rather than pay for artist endorsement, some of the worlds most famous recording artists come direct to Cornell for their amplifiers. An amazing roster including Noel Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and the Arctic Monkeys to name a few have commissioned amps with Denis so it’s a privilege to be able to offer them directly to you across the Middle East as his exclusive partner in the region.



  • INPUT - Hi and Low impedance input to allow for direct or pedal board inputs
  • EQ Switch - the ability to ‘cut’ the EQ from the signed chain getting the cleanest and most direct signal chain possible 
  • Seperate Gain, Treble and Bass controls (with Eq in) for tone shaping
  • Attenuator - 4 level attenuator built in to allow for tune break up tones at low bedroom volumes right down to 0.05W from a massive sounding 7W


Try out the Cornell Traveller 7 today at the Art of Guitar flagship Guitar Gallery in Dubai or buy on-line now for delivery across the Middle East