CopperSound - Strategy Analog Pre Amp & Boost

Strategy Analog Pre-Amp & Boost (full front side controls)

CopperSound - Strategy Analog Pre Amp & Boost

AED. 1,749.00 AED. 1,486.65

Take It From The Top

The Coppersound Strategy Custom strat blue is a limited edition that will make your tone bigger, fuller, and livelier. At Art of Guitar, we know a smart pedalboard solution when we see one, and the CopperSound Strategy is just that.


CopperSound’s Take

Leo’s dream pedal. The CopperSound Strategy, widely referred to as the “strat pedal,” is a highly powerful preamp and clean boost. Based around an audiophile grade Hi-Fi Op-Amp, the Strategy can deliver enough volume to slam the front end of your amp for an incredible, fat and articulate overdrive. It’s simple-yet-elegant tone stack allows you to sculpt your perfect tone, making it an excellent choice for an “always on” pedal. As part of the CopperSound Pickguard Series, choose from a variety of finishes, pickguard, knobs, and hardware, creating your very own custom preamp. An all analog shot of adrenaline!


Shop the Coppersound Strategy now at Art of Guitar online, or drop in to the Art of Guitar store in Dubai today to try one out for yourself.