British Pedal Company - Tone Bender V

British Pedal Company - Tone Bender V Art of Guitar

British Pedal Company - Tone Bender V

AED. 1,749.00 AED. 1,399.00

Take It From The Top

Developed by UK effects guru, N.S. Browning, for The British Pedal Company, the Tone Bender V is based on the company’s favourite MKI Tone Bender, combined with an option for the user to blend in their original clean tone. The British Pedal Company have been churning out innovative creations for over 60 years, and this pedal encapsulates that rich history. The MKV's petrol blue finish and white graphics are visually stunning and very much carry a sense of the place where this pedal was conceived. Combined with a vivid and easily usable fuzz tone, this is a must-have pedal for any pro player.



  • Modified MKI Tone Bender circuit
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Germanium transistors
  • Level & Attack controls


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