British Pedal Company - Tone Bender III

British Pedal Company - Tone Bender III (full front side controls)

British Pedal Company - Tone Bender III

AED. 1,749.00 AED. 1,399.00

Take It From The Top

In 1968, the British Pedal Company pioneered a tonal and design revolution in sound by creating the Tone Bender pedal. Tone Benders were supplied in a resplendent, pressed metal style of casing and offered extra tone control for keen players to take that next step with their playing. This became immediately popular with guitarists at the time, and over the years, this format took on many different forms for other brands such as Park and Rotosound. This circuit was used in the late 1960s by legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, the inspiration for so many amateur and professional axe men.


  • Pedal board friendly casing
  • Fuzz, Volume and Tone controls
  • Specially selected transistors


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