Lowden Guitars

Lowden guitars are, without doubt, some of the finest guitars we have ever played at ART OF GUITAR. The guitars have a unique, complex, harmonically rich tone with sustain that goes on for ages. The guitars are extremely responsive and this, coupled with the superb set up makes them a complete joy to play. Lowden guitars are finished with a hand rubbed satin lacquer that feels silky smooth and contributes to the amazing tone.


The sound of Lowden guitars is crystal clear and glassy with rich and complex overtones. They record superbly, with an even, wide range frequency response. George Lowden’s unique hand carved ‘dolphin’ bracing allows the top on the guitar to respond accurately to a player’s touch meaning that the expression you put into the guitar is represented by the sound that comes out of it.


Lowden guitars are made with four different body shapes, each with a unique voice, plus some slightly tweaked signature models. Materials used, bracing methods and the physical shape of the instrument all come together to form the sound of the instrument.