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There’s Youtube teachers, Guitar influencers and then there’s Paul Davids! Paul has crossed the line from successful tutor having delivered ten years or more of 121 lessons to a guy who practically guides the Youtube guitar content single handedly. What a great to be the first and only guitar store that Paul decided to come do a Meet 7 Greet event with our very best customers. He also joined the Boss for a radio interview, and could be caught jamming with him and a few of our other pro staff during a week filled with fun, amazing content and, yep, the worlds finest guitars. If you missed the visit then make sure you check out both the AOG social channels and even Pauls very own social channels to see what he got up to during his week at Art of Guitar. Paul even found himself onntheb other end of the teaching stick as he learnt all about the eastern scale from one of our very own in house pros; we’re sure he’ll be back!!

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