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Guild guitars have earned a legendary reputation for their commanding resonance and impressive projection. Few instruments can match the bold, authentic voice of a Guild guitar. From the exquisite spruce to the graceful rosewood, and the rich nitrocellulose finish, Guild takes immense pride in its choice of premium materials. If you're a musician who craves the powerful projection of a true jumbo acoustic, then Guild guitars are your perfect match.

A Journey Through Guild's Legacy

Guild's story traces back to the early 1950s when it catered primarily to jazz players who favored hollowbody electric guitars. As time went on, the company expanded its horizons, crafting some of the most iconic flat-top 6- and 12-string acoustics that continue to captivate musicians today. By the 1960s, Guild's electric guitars, including the Thunderbird, S-100, and Starfire, became favorites among blues and rock artists, firmly establishing the brand in music history. Many of these timeless models remain at the forefront of Guild's offerings, carrying their rich heritage forward.

Guild's Diverse Lineup

Today, the collection of Guild guitars offers a delightful variety of instruments designed to explore a wide range of musical possibilities. Guild's USA-made acoustic guitars are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium woods, evoking the golden era of the company. The Westerly Collection, featuring 12-strings, concert, dreadnought, jumbo, and orchestra models, has garnered acclaim for offering exceptional quality at accessible prices.

Let Your Music Shine with Guild

Whether you're strapping on a Guild S-100 Polara to explore the soundscapes of your favorite songs, coaxing warm bluesy tones from a semi-hollow body like the Starfire IV, or laying down the rhythm with a Guild Starfire II bass, Guild guitars empower your musical journey. It's no surprise that esteemed musicians like Kim Thayil, St. Vincent's Annie Clark, and Stevie Ray Vaughan have all chosen Guild as their musical companion.

Explore the Guild Collection Below

If you're searching for a guitar bearing the name of one of America's most iconic guitar makers, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Art of Guitar experts. They're eager to share more about what makes Guild guitars truly exceptional. Discover the Guild collection below and find the perfect instrument.

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