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Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals

From humble beginnings of modding pedals to today with full-fledged production of his originally designed boutique pedals – Brian Wampler, is helping create some of the world’s best guitar tones – one tone-filled pedal at a time. Brian first and foremost is a guitar player and has always been a “gear nut” – constantly trying different guitars, amps, pedals, and every combination thereof – always with the same goal of trying to achieve the best tone possible! 

From Andy wood, Neal Schon, Brad Paisley, Oli Brown, and many others, Wampler pedals have never fallen out of favor with Artists and their popularity and appeal have grown exponentially in recent times welcoming and adding artists across the world.


With a wide selection of products and more new arrivals coming all the time, Wampler continues to introduce world-class guitar tones to great guitar players across the world. The process from guitar pedal creation to its release is sometimes a lengthy one. The pedal ultimately goes through a series of tests before others can enjoy it. Brian tests his pedal prototypes through a plethora of guitars and amps before releasing them into the wild to ensure each new pedal sounds perfect with a wide variety of guitar rig setups. The pedals then get played in a live situation, and once completely satisfied – they are manufactured in the US and distributed across the globe.


Wampler pedals make some of the best and most practical boutique pedals in the world. Each pedal is built with the highest standards and best component parts possible to ensure a lifetime of hard use on the road and in the studio. Their drives, delays, and boost pedals are known for being versatile and inspiring and we’re proud to stock the entire range here at Art of Guitar.


At Art of Guitar, the Middle East’s largest retailer of fine, rare, and vintage guitars we commit to bringing you the best as always, and Wampler pedals definitely fit that range.

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