ZVEX - Box of Rock Overdrive

ZVEX Box of Rock Overdrive (full front side controls and switches)
ZVEX Box of Rock Overdrive (back side ac and input)

ZVEX - Box of Rock Overdrive

AED. 1,119.00

Take It From The Top

The ZVEX Box of Rock Vexter effects pedal lets you experience the legendary sound of a MARSHALL JTM45 amp, pushed to the absolute limit. Using the volume of your instrument, you can adjust the distortion rate in combination with most amps. The Zvex Box of Rock Overdrive also features a simple and efficient Boost circuit, very similar to the more refined Super Hard-On, which sounds similar to a standard tube amp input. The boost follows the distortion, ensuring it is the distortion that attacks the amp at higher volume when the two switches are activated. It can be used alone or coupled with the distortion.



  • Road-ready metal enclosure
  • Controls: Boost, Volume, Tone and Drive
  • Boutique-style Overdrive and Boost effects stompbox
  • Overdrive circuit based on the legendary Marshall JTM45
  • Footswitches: Rock, Boost
  • Artwork: Silk screened "Box of Rock" design
  • Current Draw: 3mA


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