ZVEX - A006 Hand Painted 1 of 1

ZVEX - A006 Hand Painted 1 of 1 (full front side controls)

ZVEX - A006 Hand Painted 1 of 1

AED. 1,499.00

Take It From The Top

The ZVEX Lo-Fi Loop Junky pedal allows you to easily combine looper and deliciously lo-fi sound. It does not embed any digital converter and can facilitate the recording of up to 20 seconds of pure analog sound. Just switch it on and mix your sparkly clear compressed signal with the smashed, lo-fidelity warbled signal, then listen to it become a luscious emulsification that can be blended to the most perfect depth. With the chance to achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato, there will be great depth and variety to your sound.


ZVEX’s Take

The Vexter Instant Lo-Fi Junky is a composite pedal of sorts. Any of you who've heard the sound of the Lo-Fi Loop Junky will understand this pedal immediately -- its purpose is to imitate that sound in real time. Joel Korte, the extraordinary engineer behind this device, was able to create a combination of THAT chip compression, Belling bucket-brigades, and ultra low-current. National Semiconductor op-amp filters to exquisitely copy the texture and feel of the original Lo-Fi into this extraordinary box, adding some outrageous sounds that have never been heard before.


  • Volume: Overall output volume for the unit.
  • Tone: Can be used to lower the brightness of the Lo-Fi signal (the vibrato sound). Does not affect the compressed signal.
  • Compression and Lo-FI: Adjusts anywhere between full compression and full vibrato mix. Blending the two (somewhere between the extremes) creates a chorusing sound.
  • Depth: Sets the depth of the vibrato (only affects the Lo-Fi sound).
  • Speed: Adjusts the speed of the vibrato (only affects the Lo-Fi sound).
  • Waveform: Sets the waveform of the vibrato's modulation. The traditional Lo-Fi Loop Junky simulation setting is triangle.


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