Way Huge - Supa Lead Overdrive

Way Huge - Supa Lead Overdrive (full front side controls)
Way Huge - Supa Lead Overdrive (input and output)

Way Huge - Supa Lead Overdrive

AED. 899.00 AED. 764.00

Take It From The Top

This dynamic, touch sensitive overdrive pedal was designed to achieve amp-like crunch tones with ease, whether your amp is clean or dirty. Producing a focused, midrange grind, the Supa-Lead Overdrive also features an abundance of output volume, ensuring a full and heady sound. Use the large sweep of the Tone control to dial in the perfect warmth, and with the Gain knob also turned up, you’ll get a monstrous sonic sound reminiscent of an exploding tube amp stack, with large grain power saturation and hints of cone cry.




  • Designed to get crunchy tone from a clean or marginally dirty amp
  • Generates focused midrange grind with tons of volume
  • Dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive
  • Ultra-responsive to your guitar’s volume control


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