Tone King - Falcon Grande 1x12 20W

Falcon Grande 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo (full front side)
Falcon Grande 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo (full back side, valves, outputs and attenuator)

Tone King - Falcon Grande 1x12 20W

AED. 8,000.00 AED. 6,800.00

Take it from the top

If the sound of a vintage American tube combo amp giving you everything its got is your thing, you need to check out the Tone King Falcon Grande 20-watt, 1 x 12" electric guitar amplifier. Though its tone stack consists of only a volume and tone control, the amp's 3-position voicing switch takes you from 'lux-style clarity to singing tweed compression. And with tunable reverb and an amazingly transparent power attenuator onboard, you can dial up any tone you need with volumes ranging from a whisper to a scream. To top it all off, the Tone King Falcon Grande's cabinet is specially tuned to deliver the sweetest tone possible while taming the harsh high end that occurs while standing on-axis to the speaker.


All your vintage American tones in one amp

The Falcon Grande exudes an impressive array of old-school US tones with an elegantly simple set of controls. The tone stack consists of a volume control and a single tone knob. These controls are highly interactive, letting you pull up vast shades of clarity, grit, warmth, and detail. To further enhance the amp's flexibility, Tone King added a footswitchable 3-position voicing switch that takes you through their Tweed, Rhythm, and Lead tones, each progressing into thicker compression and tube-amp overdrive.

Onboard Ironman II attenuator


The Tone King installed their Ironman II power attenuator into the Falcon Grande for wide-ranging dynamic control. The Ironman II Mini is engineered to bring your screaming tube tones to a whisper or any volume in between, and its reactive load technology ensures total transparency throughout the attenuator's range. When you bring your volume down, your Tone King Falcon Grande will still sing and respond with the same tone and feel as it would wide open.

More player-friendly features


Tone King designs their amplifiers to deliver a quality of tone and playing experience similar to that of the best vintage designs. They also add modern features that keep them at the top of many Sweetwater players' lists. For instance, onboard the Falcon Grande, you'll find a lush-sounding spring reverb with controls for both Mix and Dwell. And the cabinet of this tube combo is carefully engineered with Tone King's Acoustic Lens technology, eliminating the spiking highs that emanate from the amp when directly in front of it.




  • 20-watt tube amp with 3 switchable vintage voicings
  • Tweed, Rhythm, and Lead voicings offer varying headroom and tonal characteristics
  • 1 x 12" custom-voiced Eminence speaker
  • Onboard spring reverb is tunable with Mix and Dwell controls
  • Ironman II power attenuator brings the cranked Falcon Grande to a manageable level
  • Included 4-button footswitch selects voicings and engages the reverb
  • Specially tuned speaker cabinet with Acoustic Lens technology to tame harsh high end