TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer

TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer
TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer

TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer

AED. 999.00

Take It From The Top

The TC Electronic is an innovative tube-style overdrive pedal that creates the rare but widely desired "overdrive" effect. Also boasting the independent "boost" section that turns your solos from simple to inspiring, the TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer is a definite go-to at Art of Guitar.

TC Electronic’s Take

If you're looking for that unique vintage flavored sound that has a wide and warm overdrive combined with an authentic charisma, the Tube Primer will be the perfect match. This pedal gives you exquisite tonal control and a separate 0-20 dB adjustable clean boost that can be toggled on and off. What really makes the Tube Primer stand out is the unique direct level mix function that gives you full control to blend the overdrive with the dry and original signal. Use the Tube Primer for solos and punch in the boost, with or without the overdrive, and if you mix in the full enchilada of overdrive you will get the original vintage sound of an old tube amp.

Special Features

  • Analog overdrive and booster for guitar
  • Sensitivity control
  • Regulator effect balance
  • The controller and the switch further enhance the activity in the area of the bottom

Shop the TC Electronic’s Vintage Tube Primer now at Art of Guitar online, or drop in to the Art of Guitar store in Dubai today to try one out for yourself.

Other Specifications Include

  • Device type : Analog
  • Intended for : Electric Guitar
  • Device Type : Guitar Pedal
  • Number of effects : 2
  • Color : Black
  • Effect Type : Overdrive, Booster
  • Regulators : Gain, FX Mix, Boost
  • Inputs : Jack 1/4"
  • Outputs : Jack 1/4"
  • Year: 2019
  • Condition: As New