TC Electronic - Sub Up Octaver

Sub Up Octaver (full front side controls)

TC Electronic - Sub Up Octaver

AED. 349.00

Take It From The Top

More than a simple octaver, the TC Electronic’s Sub 'N' Up Octaver allows you to add the sound of the two lower octaves and the upper octave to that of your guitar or bass, while also adding modulation effects (chorus, flanger ). The pedal has four knobs for adjusting the volume of the direct sound, the lower octave, the second lower octave and the upper octave. A "Poly" switch allows you to choose the operating mode: monophonic or polyphonic for playing in chords. Additionally, the "TonePrint" technology allows you to go further and modify additional parameters yourself using the editing software for Mac / PC (by connecting the pedal via a USB socket), or load presets offered by TC Electronics directly from your iPhone / Android phone using a free application.


  • Deeply editable octaver effects pedal
  • 3 blendable octaves with dry control
  • Vintage and modern sounds through poly and classic modes
  • Access to hundreds of pre-programmed sounds with TonePrint technology
  • Create your own custom TonePrints with the smartphone app
  • App allows for adding effects to the affected tone
  • True bypass switching


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