Lowden - S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple

Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (full front)
Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (full back)
Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (closeup front)
Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (closeup back)
Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (headstock front)
Lowden S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple (headstock back)

Lowden - S50 AAA Rosewood and Maple

AED. 29,999.00

George Lowden has been building some of the worlds most incredible acoustic guitars for nigh on 50 years and this guitar is a prime example of why exactly his guitars are so revered in the high end acoustic guitar world.

 Lowden guitars have always put the quality of tone woods, visual athletics and pure tone above anything else - sizing their guitars to the hand selected wood rather than factory building set guitars. Each Lowden guitar is a custom order and built to a distinctive specification by a small team of luthier masterbuilders under the personal guidance of George who signs off every '50 series model before shipping. The results are plain to see.

 In a Gallery full of amazing acoustic guitars it's pretty hard to stand out from the crowd however this guitar is literally breathtaking. Visually it has it all - the totally straight grain of the AAA Honduran Rosewood is beautiful and matched to the AAA Cedar top gives the guitar a super premium appearance. the binding is under-stated and a clear pick guard ensures that nothing gets in the way of being able to appreciate the visual aesthetics of this guitar. Not one fort ostentatious details the focus here is on the highest grade possible of all the individual parts including the bespoke hand built machine pads, 3 piece rosewood and mahogany neck with pure ebony bound  fret board and Lowden distinctive and proprietary ebony strings through bridge that does the best job possible at transmitting the string vibration to the Cedar sound board.

 Pick up the guitar and it gets better - the snug fit and feel of the S50 belies its deep and powerful bass allowing all music styles to be catered for however Fingerstyle really comes into its own with chiming highs, crystal clear mid range notes and balanced, tight but powerful bass to complete the package.

 Don't judge a book by it's cover though if you did you'd be impressed - even the quality, fit and design of the Lowden Custom Series 50 cases show how highly they regard what goes inside; this is a case that will keep the guitar snug and safe yet looking fantastic even when stored.


  • Body: AAA Master Grade tonewoods - Honduran Rosewood and Cedar
  • Top: Figured wood and Abalone soundhole edge rosette
  • Fingerboard: Custom Extended Ebony bound fingerboard
  • Inlay: Deluxe Inlay pattern plus hand mitred side and back purfling
  • Condition: New - preorder

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