Hermida Audio - Zendrive 2 Overdrive

Hermida Audio Zendrive 2 Overdrive (full front side controls and switch)

Hermida Audio - Zendrive 2 Overdrive

AED. 2,999.00

Take it from the top

The Hermida Audio Zendrive 2 captures the organic, searing tone of overdriven tube amps and places it in an easy to use pedal with plenty of muscle. Based on the foundation of high-voltage FET technology, the second iteration of Hermida's most famous pedal allows you to go from a light, bluesy boost to a full-on assault with a few knob twists. The Hermida Audio Zendrive 2 has the most beautiful smooth gain voicing, it's perfect for producing the Robben Ford dumble voicing or the Eric Johnson "Ah Via Musicom" sound. It's very interactive with both the gain and tone controls. Increasing the voice control requires lowering the gain control to maintain the same amount of overdrive. The tone control actually provides a bright "crunchier" tone when full open and more of a Santana type sustain when at it's lowest setting. Responsive and ready for action, this pedal can find a home on any board.

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