Electro Harmonix - Memory Boy

Electro Harmonix - Memory Boy (full front side controls)

Electro Harmonix - Memory Boy

AED. 549.00

Take It From The Top

Since the early 1970’s, Electro-Harmonix has been designing analog delays featured on some of the greatest recordings and wielded by legendary musicians throughout the world. From the original Memory Man to the Deluxe Memory Man, still widely available today, their delays are coveted instruments for the organic tones that deliver high quality, subtle textures. The new Memory Boy carries this performance heritage forward, vividly deploying the warm analog delays and modulations that made its ancestors the legends they remain today. The Memory Boy is the most flexible analog delay Electro-Harmonix has yet designed and suits just about any instrument, amp and pedal collection out there.



  • All analog delay with feedback
  • Up to 550 ms delay time
  • Selectable Chorus or Vibrato modulation rates
  • Choose between triangle or square modulation waveforms
  • Expression pedal control of delay time or modulation rate (expression pedal extends the range of modulation rate)
  • True Bypass


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