Catalinbread - Giygas Fuzz

Giygas Fuzz (full front side controls)

Catalinbread - Giygas Fuzz

AED. 999.00

Take It From The Top

The Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz has a lot to live up to with its devlish design, but it lives up to this in spades. It’s a powerful fuzz pedal that delivers a crushing amount of fuzz but allows for breathing space to bring out the definition in each note you play. The three-transistor fuzz circuit is harmonically rich, with serious amp-pummeling potential and tons of creamy sustain when cranked up. When it comes to adding a new pedal to your setup, you can't go wrong with a Catlinbread- especially if it's a high-quality fuzz unit you're after.


Catlinbread’s Take

Featuring a plethora of useful options, the Giygas gives you everything you’ve ever wanted in a fuzz box, along with some stuff you never knew you wanted (but deep down, you totally knew). The core of the fuzz circuit is brawny and fierce, yet with plenty of violin-like sustain and articulation on tap, and the entire thing is wrapped in a clean blend circuit. From there, the fuzz gets catapulted into a gyrator-based mids boost, and then into a tilt EQ circuit. With the blend rolled all the way back, you can use just the powerful high-headroom EQ to sculpt your clean tone. A horde of options await you under the hood, ones that will make our four-stringed friends extremely happy.


Special Features

  • Fuzz pedal for guitar and bass
  • Clean blend allows you to dial in your clean tone with the fuzz effect, perfect for maintaining fundamental tones
  • Premium components used throughout, including EQ-centric op-amps
  • Mid tone control for 10dB boost/cut to dial in your midrange
  • Tilt EQ offers fast tone shaping, boosting highs while cutting lows or vice versa
  • Internal trim pot offers a boost/cut at 40Hz, great for exaggerated fuzz or cleaning up your low end
  • Internal slider shifts the center frequency of the mid boost and tilt EQ from 900Hz (great for guitar) to 250Hz (great for bass)
  • Requires 9-volt negative-center power supply (sold separately)



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