Catalinbread - Dirty Little Secret MK III

Dirty Little Secret (full front side controls)

Catalinbread - Dirty Little Secret MK III

AED. 999.00

Take It From The Top

Catalinbread’s Dirty Little Secret MKIII is an ‘’updated, hot-rodded version’’ of the plexi-style overdrive pedal. More powerful and precise, you'll find everything you loved about the original with a more impressive touch of gain in both modes, along with a more hi-fi EQ section and full balance. None of this detracts from that signature Marshall sound - plug it in, turn the knobs and rock your guitar.


Catalinbread’s Take

Marshall amps helped supercharge the performance, and shape the sound of rock and roll. When the house lights dimmed, all you could see through the hazy darkness was the array of red pilot lights shining from a backline wall of Marshall stacks. In the absence of your own personal wall of Marshalls and the necessary road crew required to lug them around, the Dirty Little Secret (DLS) is the perfect secret weapon in your tone arsenal. This is your “always on” pedal, designed to be the “foundation” of your pedalboard, transforming any amplifier into those raging British stacks. It forms the core of your guitar sound which you can enhance and embellish by adding boosters, fuzzes, filters, and other overdrives in front of it.



  • Overdrive
  • Classic British sound and responsiveness. Emulating the classic Plexi to Super Lead and Super Bass of the early 70s
  • Works as an "always on" pedal as the core of the guitar sound, which can be extended by the upstream of boosters, fuzzes, filters and other overdrives
  • Two classic circuits that can be selected via an internal slide switch
  • Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Master & Pre-Amp
  • Power consumption: 5 mA
  • Power supply with 9 V battery or via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm power connection, polarity (-) inside, not included in delivery


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