Catalinbread Cloak Shimmer Reverb Pedal

Catalinbread Cloak Shimmer Reverb Pedal Art of Guitar

Catalinbread Cloak Shimmer Reverb Pedal

AED. 999.00

The Catalinbread Cloak Shimmer Reverb is a modern reverb pedal with an all analog preamp that can transform quickly from a room style reverb to shimmering echoes. Mixing in a unique "Shimmer" knob to your usual reverb you are greeted with an octave up effect on top of your reverb that adds a certain sparkle to your tone. This opens up a whole range of new effects and tones that can be created with some experimentation.

The main focus of our attention with this pedal is all on the Shimmer knob. Essentially acting as a blendable octave up knob you have access to a whole world of new tones. Blend it with your reverb for a sparkly top end, fade it in with your mix on 100% for an ambient synth sound, set the room size to 0% for a unique doubled effect, if you're creative then the possibilities are huge, just like this reverb.


  • All Analog Preamp
  • Switchable Bypass
  • Gain trim pot
  • Shimmer/Octave up knob
  • Treble high cut knob