Blackstar - Silverline Deluxe 1*12" Combo

Silverline Deluxe 1*12" combo (full front side)
Silverline Deluxe 1*12" combo (full back side)
Silverline Deluxe 1*12" combo (controls top side)

Blackstar - Silverline Deluxe 1*12" Combo

AED. 1,000.00

Take It From The Top

The Silverline Deluxe combo is Blackstar’s most versatile guitar amplifier. Designed using their critically acclaimed ID Series technology, this amp is not only flexible but also features a unique dual patent design, with a high-powered SHARC processor to deliver uncompromising tone for every playing style. Whether filling arenas or your local bar, the Silverline Deluxe has the 100w of headroom you need, along with a potent 12’’ Celestion V-Type speaker, matching any equally powered valve amp and fitting all kinds of sets (in the studio, on stage or even at home). With its astonishing array of six voices and response settings, ranging from crystal-clean to searing high-gain and an effective 3-band EQ, the 100w version of the Silverline also sports 'Resonance' and 'Presence' controls for additional low-end and treble tweaking.


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  • 100W digital combo amp with 12" Celestion V-Type
  • Styled after today's boutique tube amps
  • Streamlined layout — no menu diving
  • Powerful SHARC DSP
  • Speaker-emulated stereo output simplifies gigging and recording
  • 3-band EQ, ISF shaping, and master resonance and presence open up worlds of tone
  • 6 amps voicings: American cleans to British browns
  • TVP technology lets you mix and match output tubes with amp models
  • shaping
  • Access to endless tweaks and artist presets via the Blackstar INSIDER software
  • MP3 input for jamming along to backing tracks
  • Controls : Voice selector, Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble, ISF, Response selector, Effects selector, Effects level, Resonance, Presence, Master Volume
  • Inputs : Guitar input
  • Line out : Emulated Output, USB Audio out


Other Specifications Include

  • Type : Combo
  • Dimensions : 583 x 480 x 259 mm
  • Weight : 17.4 kg
  • Year : 2019
  • Condition : New