About us

Our Mission

Match the Art of Guitar - sound, tone and music - to it’s rightful owner.

Our Promise

The premier bespoke guitar service in the whole Middle East.


Our Story

A wise Rockstar once said  ‘you don’t choose your guitar, it chooses you’ – well, with our unique, outstanding facilities, you’ll be able to find out if the guitar of your dreams has found you at last. And with the largest selection of Fine, Rare and Vintage Guitars, Amps and Pedals in the whole Middle East we guarantee to connect you to the guitar or rig of your dreams.

Art of Guitar, the largest retailer of Fine, Rare and Vintage guitars is undoubtedly the premier guitar store in the Middle East - boasting an unrivalled collection of rare and vintage guitars, amplifiers, pedals and vintage and modern Guitar Art. Located in the heart of Dubai's Art District, our expert consultants will help you discover your dream guitar in a unique and inviting, specially configured, environment. 

Led by RJ Luthier the Art of Guitar team has over 150 years of combined experience playing, sourcing and selling the finest guitars in the world. Our multi-skilled team includes experts in all areas of guitar music, it's creation and compilation with experience as recording and live artists. Coupled with decades of collecting and lovingly restoring the worlds finest instruments we can praise you an unrivalled buying, collecting and investing experience right here in Dubai, the retail hub of the Middle East.


Unlike many stores that pile guitars high in cramped conditions, making it difficult to hear the nuances and tones of a premium instrument, Art of Guitar is also the largest Rare and Vintage guitar store in the whole of the region. Our goal is to provide the most favourable conditions for you to try out a selection of premium guitars and configurations, in the upmost comfort and acoustically optimised surroundings. For example - In our Electric section, you can plug a rare or vintage guitar into some of the world’s finest amplifiers, gaining a clear impression of how the instrument can perform to its full capacity. For our Acoustic range, our pristine testing environment provides a clarity of sound that you won't find anywhere else within the Middle East and beyond.

In addition to the main 'Gallery' showroom we provide separate rooms to practice, record or simply enhance your experience of your dream instrument facilitating the perfect purchasing environment and assuring that the choice you make will be the perfect one, for the most important person - You.

We know better than anyone that guitars can be ‘peculiar’ instruments. What looks, on paper, to be the same as another option  will be different in ways that are sometimes impossible to describe. Our dedicated team of professionals try out all the guitars at auction houses or from collectors before deciding if they pass our quality test and can join the ‘family’. 

When a guitar or amplifier arrives on our premises a series of tried and tested processes comes into play:

  • For Brand New Fine & Rare guitars or amplifiers they will be  quality assured before storing and displaying in perfect conditions, completely replicating those used by the worlds premium builders and luthiers

  • For Pre-Owned or Vintage guitars they will be sanitised, expertly cleaned and set up by our on-site luthier

  • Pre Owned and Vintage amplifiers will be sanitised, cleaned and then expertly adjusted, modified or optimised through the addition of new tube valves, replacement vintage capacitors or other parts to make the amplifier perform to it's absolute best.

But don’t just take our word for it – our dedicated sound room is set up in a way that you can play the guitar, feel the instrument for real and sense how the tone comes to life in your hands. Drop by and give it a try!


To ensure the best possible tailor-made experience, we operate a reservation system that allows you to use our bespoke space at your leisure and make the best choice for your specific requirements.